Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! Z Wikia!

(Y-Z for Short)

Recent Changes:

If you've been on this wikia before Staurday October 9th-10th then you will have noticed a lot of changes.

  1. At the moment, notice the ammount of articles on my wiki. It's 1. 
  2. Notice how everything is gone from the main page
  3. I will be making tons of brand new articles for this wikia under one of the following categories
  • 1. New Character (If i ever happen to make a character in one of my chapters then it will get his/her own article)
  • 2. Chapters (These chapters will be what keeps this wikia running as they will feature the entire story line)
  • 3. Z Characters Decks (This will be one to two articles on certain characters that have already been described in Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia {exmp: Yugi, Anzu, Jonouchi**...})
  • (**I will usually only go by the Japanese name for characters.)


  1. A New Threat!?!
  2. TBA
  3. TBA

I will come up with a new chapter every so often for now i have none.

If you want to look up a chapter that i might not have, it would be best to type in Chp. #: (chapter name) exmp: Chp. 3: Tenma's Back


At the moment, with no new chapters, there are no new characters.


Every character will have a deck. For new characters, their deck will be listed on their article, for already created characters, there will be a certain article for all of their decks.

I Hope You Enjoy the New Version of Y-Z Wikia, -Yug18-11